How do I become a Premium member?

In order to contact pawsible matches, you'll need to subscribe and go through our safety checks.

  1. Log in to BorrowMyDoggy. 
  2. Click Go Premium on the left hand side of the page under your icon or under Recent messages
  3. You will be taken to our membership page, here you will select Become a Premium member. You will then choose how to pay, and then enter your address. This is also the first step of our safety checks, where your address is checked against a global database.
  4. The next step of the safety checks is to enter and verify your phone number.

For borrowers, please ensure that your primary photo is a clear photo of yourself. For owners, the primary photo will need to be of your dog.

Once you have gone through the safety checks, you’re ready to start messaging members!


Using the app:

  1. Log into the app on your iPhone
  2. Select the menu button (three horizontal lines)
  3. Select Subscribe and verify then Subscribe and pay via iTunes
  4. Then select Complete our safety checks to start messaging members in order to verify your address and phone number


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