What is the Welcome Woof?

The ‘Welcome Woof’ is the first meet and greet for the owner, borrower and dog, so they can get to know each other.


  1. Meet in public - We recommend you meet for your first ‘Welcome Woof’ in a public place, like a local park. Most people meet several times before the borrower takes care of the dog alone, and sometimes even do house visits to ensure everyone is comfortable and tail-waggingly happy.
  2. Communication is key- It’s so impawtant that members get to know each other well. We recommend asking as many questions as possible. Here are ten questions to sniff out at your ‘Welcome Woof’.
  3. Family and Friends - If you decide to bring a friend, family member or partner with you to the ‘Welcome Woof’, that is absowoofly fine, just let the owner or borrower know out of courtesy. 

Just as you would with a friend, family member, kennel or dog walker, it's very important people get to know each other well locally before a pooch is taken care of by another person. Everyone (including the dog) needs to feel happy and trust each other.


Need some inspiration on where to meet, why not take a look over our Doggypedia page, we have a Local Guides section. This section of Doggypedia is all about finding you the best dog friendly places in the UK and Ireland

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