What if a Borrower is looking after my dog for a long period of time?

If you have arranged for your dog to be borrowed for a longer period of time (especially over a month), then we recommend you agree in writing the details of what you have agreed, including the date the dog will be picked up by the owner.

Make sure you have filled your borrowing info so your borrower has all the information about your dog, including their vet details, feeding information and your alternative contact details. We advise you leave contact details of a relative or close friend in case of an emergency, particularly if you are going to be abroad.

This ensures that your dog is getting the best care, and also includes access to the BorrowMyDoggy Vet Line telephone number.

If your dog is going to be staying in the borrower's house, make sure to do a house visit and make sure that their home is safe for dogs by following this guide.

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