What are the safety checks?

We have safety checks to keep our community a safe and trusted place.

How the safety checks work

1. Log in to BorrowMyDoggy 

2. Click   Screen_Shot_2017-03-08_at_14.03.46.png  

3. Select your payment method.

4. Your membership will change from a Basic member to a Premium member

When you'll need to complete it

You'll need to go through our safety checks in order to message other members.

Basic members can still receive messages, however, they will have to become a Premium Member to reply to any messages. 

You will, however, need to complete the safety checks in order to message other members.

Premium accounts
When you've completed the safety checks this symbol Screen_Shot_2017-06-23_at_11.40.04.png will show on your profile, you are now a Premium member.

Lots of owners search for Premium borrowers when they are trying to find a match.


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