How is BorrowMyDoggy different from dog sharing?

Dog sharing is when two people share ownership of a dog. This means sharing financial, care and decision-making responsibilities. 

With BorrowMyDoggy dog ownership is not shared between our members. Borrowers can enjoy spending time with a dog without the financial, care and decision-making commitment. BorrowMyDoggy is all about community building and making trusted connections in your local area so that owners can find support for walks, playdates, overnight stays and holidays. 

As BorrowMyDoggy owner Nicola shared “I joined with my beloved dog, Bruce, as a backup plan and also for some assistance on those bad days and WOW - it really has been fantastic. Bruce now has four lovely, local girls who regularly take him out for long walks and cuddly afternoons, as well as the odd sleepover”.



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