How do I know my dog is safe?

We take safety and security very seriously at BorrowMyDoggy and all of our members are asked to go through our verification process before they can chat to one another and exchange details. This ensures our community remains safe and trusted.

Once an owner has found a local borrower they think would be a good fit for their dog, they meet for the first meet & greet session, that we call the ‘Welcome Woof’. Often people meet several times before the borrower takes care of the dog alone, and sometimes even do house visits (as the matches are local). If you do visit a borrower’s house, please make sure that their home is safe for dogs by following this guide.

Please also make sure you fill out your Borrowing Info your borrower has all the information they need to give your dog the best care possible. Borrowers also have access to our 24/7 Vet Line so they can ask for professional advice in case of an emergency.

You can find out more about our verification process and the ‘Welcome Woof’ by visiting our How it works page.

We encourage borrowers to keep your dog on its lead until you give them written permission to allow your dog off the lead. To give them written permission, please complete this off the lead form.

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