How do I Favourite dogs?

Favouriting dogs is easy! Once you've made a search, you'll see a small heart button in the top left corner of each individual dog. To Favourite the dog, simply click the little heart symbol. The symbol will then turn pink as a sign that the dog has been added to your Favourites. 

                                 Screen_Shot_2020-09-09_at_15.34.14.png          Screen_Shot_2020-09-09_at_15.34.27.png

You can also Favourite a dog on their profile. Click the little heart beneath their profile pictures, and wait for it to turn pink to confirm that the dog has been added to your Favourites. 


Whether you're a Premium or Basic borrower, 
owners receive a notification of your interest, and many owners will only reach out to borrowers who they know want to lend a paw. It's really important to Favourite lots of dogs in your area. 

To keep track of the lucky pups you've already Favourited, go to your dashboard and find them in your 'Activity' section.


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