New messages not showing in my App / App notifications not coming through

If you are either, not receiving notifications of a new message in your App, or you are not able to view your messages in your App, please try the below steps to help resolve this quickly. If the first step does not resolve this, please move onto the next step, and not to worry if these do not work, we have listed the technical info we need from yourself and your device to best advise you further.

If you have an urgent message you need to respond too, you can still access your account in full via our website BorrowMyDoggy from a desktop or mobile phone browser in the meantime.

Step 1 - Please make sure your App is up to date and try signing out of and back into your account as this seems to resolve the issue in most cases.

Step 2 - Please fully delete/uninstall the App from your device, then re-download our App, please ensure you accept the request to receive notifications when installing the App, otherwise this will prevent us from being able to send you notifications.

Step 3 - Please contact the help team using the link below, and provide us with the following information;

Can you let us know:

  • Which mobile device you are using?
  • Which model?
  • If you are using our iPhone or android app?
  • What version is your App

You can contact us for further support here.

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