Why aren't owners replying to my messages?

Why have I not received a response yet?

  • Some members check their email and/or log into BorrowMyDoggy less frequently than others - you should be patient and allow at least 36 hours for a reply
  • Some users' email providers have keen spam filtering, however, as we send a message to their BorrowMyDoggy inbox too, your message will be available for them whenever they log back in.
  • If a dog is particularly popular, the member may be inundated with messages and it may take them some time to sort through them and respond to everyone who has messaged them.

I’ve sent lots of messages but rarely get any response. What’s going on?

If you’re not getting any response at all, it’s worth taking a look at the messages you’ve sent – check that you have messaged Premium members.

We recommend you read our messaging Do's & Don'ts below:




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