Is it safe to borrow a dog if I have children?

When looking for a dog you can use the filters on the left hand side of the Find a dog page to only show dogs "Good with children".


When messaging owners you should make it clear that you have children and ask if their dog is happy around children. Many dogs love meeting children and they often have loads of fun together, but it’s important that the owner and borrower discuss this ahead of time, as well as any safety precautions.

If you have children that you would like to introduce to the dog, it’s best to take the pooch out on your own first so you can get to know and trust each other.  We also recommend that all members review our 7 Ways to Know When You’re Ready blog post before you and your borrowed doggy em-bark on their first solo date.

When you feel ready - it could be the next meeting or after a few weeks - introduce the doggy to your children when the owner is there, as it may help the dog feel calmer.

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