Why haven't I heard from any Borrowers?

Here are some tips for finding a match: 

  1. As a Premium member, you can message borrowers that you think would make a great match. Remember, it can take some time to hear back as people may not see your message straight away. 

  2. On your matches page, you can use your search filters to help find a match. Expanding your search radius here can reveal lots of new potential matches. You can also filter your search on the left hand side of your "Find a borrower" page to show the most active borrowers. 
  3. Keep your availability up to date and let borrowers know what kind of help you need. It can really help to include this information in your doggy's introduction.  
  4. Contacting Basic members is fine, but they will need to complete the safety checks before they can send you a personal reply. Many members are waiting until they hear from an owner before becoming a Premium member, so this can really encourage them to verify their profile

If you are still struggling, please get in touch with our Help Team who will help you find a match.


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